Guest Chef: Pecan Pie

This Guest Chef post is from Carolyn’s mom. This is not your traditional pecan pie recipe, in looks or taste. It is neither gooey nor overly sweet. That is exactly why our family loves it! On top of that, it is so easy to make that you might feel guilty accepting your family’s accolades. It’s […]
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Guest Chef: Garam Masala Steak Quesadillas

Our friend Matt just turned 30. As our birthday present to him, we let him cook us dinner. We’re such good friends. Matt grew up eating Indian food. Most of the time his dad used components of garam masala, like cinnamon, in his cooking, but he rarely used garam masala itself. A few months ago, […]
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Guest Chef: Peach Preserves

A few of our friends are really good cooks. So, we’re starting a “Guest Chef” series on cookography. First up is Carolyn’s father, Bob, who made peach preserves from peach trees in their yard… It all started 20 years ago when I was visiting a client in Everett, MA. Everett isn’t in the country, but […]
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