7 Hour Lamb – in a Slow Cooker

This year we stuck around for Thanksgiving instead of going up to Massachusetts. It was our first time not traveling, so for the first time we got to got to plan a Thanksgiving meal. Instead of making a traditional turkey we decided to make lamb. As long as you are roasting a large amount of […]
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California Garlic

After reading this article in the Washington Post, I started paying attention to whether I was buying Chinese garlic or not. I had a bit of luck when my local farmer’s market was in season. Towards the end of the season they always had locally grown hardneck garlic. I had no luck, however, finding anything […]
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Garlic Allioli

Garlic Allioli (Spanish Aioli) is really just a homemade garlic mayonnaise… a really tasty mayonnaise! The traditional version is made with just oil and garlic in a mortar and pestle. However that takes forever. You can make it a lost faster in a blender, or food processor. If you have a stick or immersion blender, […]
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