Coffee Cake Muffins

Part of: Vermont 08 – Cheese & Tasty Things Tour Helmut’s Strudel Shop in Rockport, MA has amazing coffee cake muffins, among other things, including coffee and cheese strudel. Every time we go to Rockport we make a trip to Bearskin Neck for some “penny” candy, salt water taffy and coffee cake muffins. Sometime we […]
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New England Confectionary Company, aka NECCO

Part of: Vermont 08 – Cheese & Tasty Things Tour I like old people candy. There, I’ve said it. Don’t give me any sour flavored, blue colored, gummy candy treats. Instead give me black licorice or better yet some NECCO wafers. What better to do, when in Boston, than go to the New England Confectionary […]
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Sticky Buns

This recipe is basically a “do-it-yourself” version of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls. Remember those? My mom would make them all the time when I was younger…they are sooo good! But they probably have a million calories in them, and now everyone has to watch what they eat. These sticky buns have bananas in them…so they are […]
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