Cucumber Water

(So there, the title really says it all. This is a simple and refreshing way to enjoy the summer. All you have to do is add some cucumber slices to a pitcher of cold, filtered water. Let it sit for a couple of hours and you have one of the most refreshing summer drinks there […]
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Sour Pickles – Fermented Goodness!

  As I hinted at in my last post on pickles, there are two kinds of pickles in the world–those that get their flavor from spice and those that get it from fermentation. The second type are known as sours, or brined, but some of the regular pickles you get from the store are fermented, […]
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Refrigerator Pickles

There are two kinds of pickles in this world: pickles that get most of their flavor from the seasonings and pickles that get there flavoring from fermenting. Most of the pickles out there get their flavor from the seasonings. The pickles are either refrigerated or canned right away in order to prevent bacteria from growing. […]
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Market Watch: July 30th

I good stuff last week at the farmers market. Looks like squash and cucumbers are starting to come strong with lots of fun varieties. Yellow Crookneck Squash Green Pattypan Squash Yellow Pattypan Squash Miniature white cucumbers Kirby Cucumbers