Blue Bottle – Fancy Pants Coffee

While I was out in San Francisco last month, I was able to get brunch at Blue Bottle Coffee. They are very persnickety about brewing coffee and make a pretty mean brunch too. Since I was luckily on East Standard Baby time, I got there right as the started serving food and right before the […]
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Eating Adventures in Portland

For us, the best part of traveling is checking out local restaurants. On a recent work trip to Portland, OR, which Luke tagged along on for fun, we found some great restaurants and ate some really good food! Let’s start with breakfast. Obviously, there is Voodoo Doughnuts. Of the 20 or so different crazy flavors, […]
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How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee

Tryst is a great coffee house in our neighborhood, Adams Morgan. It is setup like someone’s living room with sofas and arm chairs and they also brew a nice cup of coffee. They use good coffee beans, as you should. However, good beans will only get you so far–you also need to know what you […]
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Cold Brewed Coffee using a French Press

I have been a big fan of cold brewed coffee since I first tried it. I learned about this method from a Washington Post article on the Toddy, which is a great device for cold brewing coffee. The article described the smooth, but full flavored cup that cold brewing produces and I had to give […]
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