Stir-Fried Pork With Hoisin Sauce

This is another great recipe from Kylie Kwong’s book, Simple Chinese Cooking. The sauce is savory and sweet. It is similar to the sauce in the stir-fried chicken with honey and ginger recipe, except without the ginger. There is a trick to being able to slice the pork thin. If you stick it in the […]
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Stir-Fried Chicken With Honey And Ginger

We have really been digging Kylie Kwong’s book, Simple Chinese Cooking. There are a lot of basic recipes that cover most of the flavors and ingredients in Chinese cooking. Previously we made the Cashew Chicken, which came out great. This time we tried the Chicken with Honey and Ginger. The sauce has a deeper, smokier […]
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Simple Chinese Cooking – Cashew Chicken

During our recent tour of Portland we stopped by Powell’s Books. The number of books they have is crazy and their cookbook selection is to die for. They have books on every conceivable topic and trend. I managed to make it out without doing too much damage. I picked up a copy of Kylie Kwong’s […]
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Speed Beans: Sauteed Frozen Green Beans

Sauteed frozen green beans has become our favorite dish. Frozen green beans you might ask, can they be any good? Well the truth is frozen vegetables are often just as flavorful, if not more, than “fresh” vegetables. Frozen vegetables are a quick, cheap and tasty way to get vegetables on your table.